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How did you go from photography to pyramids? She said that when you throw it into the ocean, the dolphins come. That instantly caught my attention—I had an instant draw and a feeling of recognition. I spent nine months reading everything I could find and interviewing people.

I was intending to do it as a hobby, but it became much more than that, for sure. And what is the difference between orgonite and orgone energy? To this crystal-metal-resin recipe, I have added sacred symbols—sacred geometry—to further amp up the healing frequencies. Orgone energy is similar to what the ancients have called prana, chi, or universal energy.

InCarol Croft is attributed with adding crystals to the mix. In doing so, the crystal matrix is locked in an amplified state of its own frequency. The encased metal filters the negative frequencies. This combination creates a high-frequency output and a negative-frequency filter all in one piece. The metals I use are copper, stainless steal, and zinc. What are we really dealing with?

Its antennas shoot powerful and heating radio waves straight up into the atmosphere. And then there are all of the devices and appliances we have inside our homes. The frequencies are incoherent with the planet and its life forms.

People are sicker, not sleeping well, depressed, anxious, worn down. It is a real concern. I saw that orgone energy was one way to offset some of the harmful effects of technological fallout. There is a complete list on my website of the different minerals I work with, along with their primary healing properties.

To bridge the science with the spiritual aspects, crystals are like windows of light anchoring in higher planetary frequencies and possibly frequencies from other dimensions. They are powerful frequency enhancers. One of my teachers instructed me to draw out the sacred symbols myself, indicating that I was not to copy them.

I needed to do this to maintain the integrity of the symbols and their frequencies. So I took the time to really do it. It all comes back to that same ethos: Do your research, know your tools, there are no short cuts.

Or was that your own inspiration?At Awakened Earth Orgonites, we pride ourselves on delivering superior quality orgonite pyramids at an affordable price. Each one of our orgone pyramids have been handcrafted with love using only authentic gemstones and in turn providing you with your very own beautiful piece of Earth! We are excited about the many benefits of orgone and look forward to helping you convert the 5G into Chi!

Orgone is a substance created from a combination of resin, metals and quartz crystals. When constructed correctly, this substance has been proven to draw negative energy from the surrounding environment and convert it into the form of positive orgone energy. These positive energy generators work continuously, helping people, plants and animals to maintain vibrant health. Based on the original work of Dr. Orgonite was further researched and developed by scientist Don Croft, who added crystals to the organic infusion.

He proposed that crystals would capture and purify the energy, resonating it much more purely. Our modern world is filled with negative energy sources such as mobile phone transmissions, electricity and WIFI. This constant exposure can be quite detrimental to our health. The good news is that with our orgonite pyramids, this negative energy can be converted into positive chi!

Facebook Youtube Instagram. Awakened Earth Orgonites Converting 5g into chi. Add to cart. About Awakened Earth At Awakened Earth Orgonites, we pride ourselves on delivering superior quality orgonite pyramids at an affordable price. Shop Now. What are Orgonite Pyramids Orgone is a substance created from a combination of resin, metals and quartz crystals. Awakened Earth Orgonites — our range View Details. Angel Oracle cards. View Details. Spiritual Gift Packs. Chakra sets.

Crystal Pendulum's. Earth Necklaces. Energy bracelets.Orgonite Pyramid. Orgonite CrystalOrgonite Pyramid.

Making a resin pyramid. Watch me resin

Orgone GeneratorOrgonite Pyramid. Orgone AccumulatorOrgoniteOrgonite Pyramid. An Orgone, by definition, is another term for our life source energy called Chi or Prana.

When talking about our Orgone Pyramids, they come in beautiful forms that shift negative vibes into a better one. The Orgone Pyramid collection that we have features Orgonite, a substance made of healing crystal, metal, resin, and quartz. All of these help in balancing out your bioenergy. According to Dr.

Orgone Pyramids

Wilhelm Reich, Orgone energy has a collection of basic properties. One is that organic materials attract and hold Orgone energy, while non-organic metal materials attract then immediately repel it. Orgonite also fills space, is everywhere, and it penetrates matter at varying speeds. Reich also claims that it has great affinity and attraction with water.

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Our Orgone pyramids have numerous benefits. These include clearing negative energy and neutralizing EMF radiation to purify your living area. As a result, they relieve stress and promote restful sleep. These pyramids also provide more energy while helping in meditation, as well as spiritual and psychological growth. Not only that, but they also improve your health and resistance. These also help boost your body energy by turning low-frequency energy into a higher frequency.

This is more beneficial for living things like you, your pets, and plants. There are several reasons why our Orgone pyramids are unique.

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These also help neutralize EMF from mobile phones, computers, Wi-Fi, cell towers, and electronics that you use daily. The stones and crystals we used for our Orgonite pyramids have been charged with positive energy before casting. These have been smudged with white sage for clearing energy.

In the curing process, our orgonite pyramids are infused with harmonic tones.Check my healing pendants too. If you need more information, please visit my blog or contact me. Door sit amet, consectetur adip iscing elit, sed do ore magna lorem ipsum sit. View more. Amethyst orgone Pyramid Aqua. Lovers orgone Pyramid. Arborea Orgone Pyramid, Heart. Moon, Orgone pyramid, relax. Classic Orgone Pyramid.

Arborea Orgonite Pyramid, Relax. Turquoise Arborea Orgonite Pyramid. Crystal orgone pyramid, Heals, Calms. Obsidian orgone pyramid. Reconnect, love. Ocean Orgone pyramid, yin yang. Orgone pyramid, Balance, meditation. Orgone pyramid, Inspiration, Heals, meditation.

Orgone pyramid Shungite Turquoise, Amethyst, 22kt Gold. Orgonite Pyramid, 22kt Gold Meditation. Arborea Orgone Pyramid, Passion. Home Orgone Pyramids Return to previous page. Handmade Orgone Pyramids Authentic Orgonite made on request.

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Orgone Pyramids. Rated 5. This site uses cookies More info No problem.This orgone pyramid combines the s trength-boosting properties of Tiger Eye, Sunstone, and Amethyst to create a super energy generator.

By tripling their individual vibratory powers, this potent orgonite pyramid brings a s pirit of rejuvenation and resilienceenhancing confidencewillpowerand integrity. In addition to the finest crystals available, our handcrafted Ironwill Pyramid features the Flower of Life, symbolizing interconnectedness of life forms; and copper coils to focus energy and vibrations.

Protected from negative thoughts, you'll have a sharp focus, self-disciplineand personal power. Live life on your own terms, uplift your spirits, and embrace mental clarity by placing this in your room next to your bed. Similar to what the ancients have called prana, chi, or universal energy. Orgone is the energy that is present in all life forms including human body. Orgone was first discovered by Wilhelm Reich, a doctor of medicine and psychoanalyst from Austria.

orgonite crystal pyramid

He observed orgone as omnipresent, and the basis of all life processes. Orgone energy sorrunds all life forms and flows through the universe. The energy field of human body or aura gets distrupted by electrical smog or Electromagnetic Radiations from cell phones, signal towers, wifi routers and other electronic devices.

Postive orgone energy can re-align the human energy field and helps healing and balance of the life force i-e chi or prana. Orgonite is a mixture of organic and inorganic materials made specifically to attract positive orgone also known as prana or chi energy. An Orgnite crystal is a combination of crystals and metal held together with resin. These materials work together as energy generator device. The resin shrinks and compresses the crystal and metal shavings within, resulting in postive energy emmision.

Orgnite clears the air arround and neutralizes negative energies such as EMF radiations from electronic products. You really can feel the energy coming forth the orgonite crystals.

orgonite crystal pyramid

Mostly we process orders within 24 hours after it's successfully placed. We use third-party services for shipping, It may take anywhere from 7 to 21 days for the products to arrive at your doorsteps. We know you are excited to get your crystals. We will try our best to deliver it ASAP.New customer? Create your account. Lost password? Recover password. Remembered your password? Back to login. Already have an account?

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Login here. Made from authentic crystals and other materials, our Orgonite Pyramids help in generating positive orgone energy that heals all energy blockages and balances your life. Crafted from genuine gemstones, our Gemstone Money Tree is designed to bring luck and prosperity in your life so that you can achieve all your goals and desires. Made from natural gemstones and shaped in pyramid form, our Gemstone Pyramids help in focusing positive energy into your life and ensuring your physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Designed in the form of a skull using authentic crystals, our Gemstone Skull is not just a decorative item but also a powerful energy healing device that clears all negativity around you.

Awakened Earth Orgonites

Our Orgonite Pendants are handmade with natural crystals and gemstones and infused with positive energy to heal all chakra blockages in your life. The Root Chakra is also known as Mooladhara. It is the first of the 7 chakras and the one that helps us stay grounded.

It is the chakra of staying grounded and being our true self. One of the best properties of the Root Chakra is that it helps us be resourceful, courageous, and develop the qualities of perseverance. Mooladhara helps you overcome all difficult situations in life. Also known as Sahasraara, the Crown chakra is the last of your chakras.

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This chakra is located at the crown of your head, which is the topmost part of your body. Sahasraara is the connection between you, the Universe, and the Divine. Crown Chakra makes you realize that nothing is independent in this world and true harmony can only be achieved by staying connected. It helps you be selfless and caring. The Third Eye chakra is also known as Agna.Absorb negative energy from their surroundings, transform it into positive energy, and release it back into the environment.

It will transform negative electromagnetic energy EMF to positive energy. They are powerful tools for meditation, praying and doing daily positive affirmations because the crystals collect and focus your energy on your intention.

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Orgonite pyramids are designed to protect the human biological field from harmful radiation, clean and harmonize space, the natural charging of the body with positive energy.

I always make orgone when I am in full health, a positive mood and clear-headed. The energies that I put into each piece have to be pure and clean for optimum results. I will not attempt to make any orgone when I am tired or stressed. All of my pieces are made in nature for the best energies.

Every care is taken to ensure that the surroundings are positive and conducive to a powerfully effective orgone piece. Lots of positive intent and love are put into my orgone pieces and I try my best to make them as professional and beautiful as possible.


Exceptions may apply. See return policy. Orgone pyramid with kyanite helps to focus on one task, which is the most important at the moment. Also this pyramid promotes self-knowledge and self-improvement. Helps to understand your place in life and find a job for your liking. Fill the host with new forces, bring emotional balance.

Orgone pyramid will give a good mood and cheerfulness. Crystals of quartz began to attribute magical properties from antiquity, when people needed such protection simply to maintain morale. Ancient magicians ascribed to him special qualities, considering him a conductor between the universe and the planet. It was used to communicate with the other world, communication with the cosmos, spirits, gods and, of course, nature.

Use the mineral for magic purposes today. It is believed that stone quartz can improve memory, any thinking processes, imagination.

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He can attract luck, wealth, and help to find true love. Cristal Quartz will amplify energy and thought, as well as the effect of other crystals.

It absorbs, stores, releases and regulates energy. Clear Quartz draws off negative energy of all kinds, neutralising background radiation, including electromagnetic smog or petrochemical emanations.

orgonite crystal pyramid

It balances and revitalises the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual planes. Cleanses and enhances the organs and subtle bodies and acts as a deep soul cleanser, connecting the physical dimension with the mind. Clear Quartz enhances psychic abilities.

orgonite crystal pyramid

It aids concentration and unlocks memory.